Learn everything you need to know about Karatbars International, Gold backed Crypto, KBC Coin, KCB Coin, KaratBank, KaratPay, and the gold-based eco-system. The best savings and asset protection plan, and the most unique business opportunity for 2020.

Why Gold?

The truth is, gold has been the universal currency for over 5,000 years. Unlike paper currency, gold has maintained its value for generations. It has served as a hedge against inflation and erosion of major currencies, thus, an investment well worth considering. 

In 1971 President Nixon took the US Dollar, and thus the entire world, off the gold standard. 

Prior to that every single person in the world had the assurance that their money was worth something measurable and physical. Suddenly it was no longer the case. 

The result? Central banks can, and do, print money out of thin air, which devalues our currency by the day. Why else do you think that buying food, paying bills and living from day to day is becoming more expensive relative to our actual money?

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We believe that everyone should have some gold bullion as a hedge against inflation and to secure their financial future. Earning Gold is better than paying for it out of your own pocket. A new and truly unique way to earn Gold through an affiliate system instead of paying for it out of your own pocket. We’re assisting a lot of people in owning gold. Karatbars International provides a way to generate additional cash flow, accumulate hard assets in #GOLD, and help others do the same! Karatbars International makes it easy for you to save physical gold in small transaction friendly sizes of 1g, 2.5g, or 5g increments; real gold in your hand! Making a gold purchase is simple and only takes a few short minutes. Set up your FREE GOLD SAVINGS ACCOUNT!

Gold Standard Banking

Bringing Gold and Blockchain Together for a Secure and Prosperous Future

2020 is the year that we will see the Gold Standard Bank brought into operation.

Karatbars presents unique gold products worldwide. Karatbars has made acquiring gold bullion within reach of people around the world by making it more affordable, more accessible and more transaction friendly. KaratPAY is developed by KaratBank and Karatbars International for the purpose of the transaction of CashGold. By registering with KaratPAY you can buy, transfer and deliver CashGold. Just open a KaratPAY account for free. The KaratGold Coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency. Specifically designed to be used as a generally accepted electronic payment means for all who consider gold as a traditional, true, secure and value-stable medium. With Karatbars, people can get off the debt wheel and create real long term meaningful - inflation proof - savings. With their e-Commerce platform and their powerful affiliate system, you can literally get paid in both cash and gold for saving money and showing others how to do the same. Karatbars is the #1 Home Based Business Opportunity in 2020. Karatbars is also the first company with an affiliate sales model to have a cryptocurrency backed by 999.9 Gold Bullion called the Karatgold Coin (KBC). Now trading on HitBTC and other many other exchanges.

For Those Who Want to Know More

Download the Whitepaper below to understand in greater detail all that is planned with Gold Standard Banking and the KaratGold Coin.


“I am a Karatbars Independent Business Partner. It’s taken me a long time to find an opportunity that I believe to be 100% authentic. I love and stand with the Karatbars vision to get gold into the hands of ordinary people.


You get to decide whether you build a business with Karatbars to create wealth or simply save gold to protect your wealth. I completely recommend watching the video on this page to understand how powerful either option is right now.


Now is absolutely the perfect time to join.


I am proud to represent Karatbars – and will be delighted to welcome you to my team. I will help you to get started and build your business when you join me as a Karatbars Business Partner.


Start building your authentic wealth and create freedom for yours and your children’s future!”

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What Kind of Business is Karatbars?

Based on the vision of founder Dr. Harald Seiz to make gold available for everyone; Karatbars provides the opportunity of becoming a business partner with their affiliate program which is available in more than 140 countries.

This affiliate program informs our partners about the real benefits of the ownership of Gold and offers the opportunity to buy Gold in small denominations.

Karatbars remunerates their business partners through a generous and attractive affiliate program.

Many of our partners achieved a successful and independent self-employment, and you are warmly invited to participate in this often confirmed success model and to become a part of our Karatbars family.

  • active in more than 140 countries

  • actual 800,000 affiliates

  • market leader selling gold in small denominations


Is this MLM (Multi-Level / Network Marketing)?


Karatbars International is an e-commerce company. However, like many online businesses around the world, we offer a free affiliate program and an additional optional paid affiliate program. Karatbars is NOT an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Company.


The difference is clear: Our customers and affiliates are not subject to any monthly purchase obligations and we do not charge any fees for the customer or affiliate account. You can recommend an online gold savings plan to others and earn commissions for those referrals, regardless of whether you buy our products.


1. Open your FREE gold account

2. Buy your business package

3. Save in GOLD

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