Frequently asked questions


Can I Register for Karatbars For Free?

Karatbars Affiliate & Customer Accounts are both free. No monthly / yearly fees. Gold storage is free. You are not required to sell gold, sponsor or buy gold to keep your account/position. Registering as an affiliate gives you many more benefits/options. It opens the doors to premium rewards such as: Trips, cash, (weekly) cars, Gold bars, and a villa built for you anywhere in the world! Should you register now or later? Definitely now. “We are not building pyramids here” .. we are building a straight line of customers & affiliates. You could benefit by being placed in front of the next 25 who join …. or the next 25 could benefit by you being placed under them.

Do I Need To Buy Gold Each Month To Qualify For Commissions?

No. Affiliates can earn in the unilevel system even if they don’t buy gold or a package. You must get a package (One time purchase) to qualify for earnings in the dual system. (Optional) Even then, you are not required to spend/save weekly or monthly to qualify for commissions.

How Do I Exchange My Gold for Cash?

How to spend Karatbars Gold? Who accepts Karatbars Gold? Businesses are being setup to accept Karatbars Gold. (K Exchanges) Also, places that buy Gold and jewelry, will buy Karatbars Gold or you can sell them on Ebay/Karatbars groups. Karatbars offers free storage for most countries. You can store your Karatbars for free at Karatbars. Cashgold can be converted back and forth from digital to physical and even delivered. Soon we expect to be able to make purchases with the gold in our account online.

What Can I Do As Just A Free Member?

Free Members Have The Opportunity To Earn Their Way Through This Program.
Although The Pace Is Slower And Typically Takes More Time, It Can Be Done.

Does Karatbars And The Gold Standard Bank Use Children Or Minors In The Mining Of Their Gold?

No! The Gold Standard Bank's Mining Procedures Use Only Good Ethical And Green Mining Which Does Not Involve The Exploitation Of Children

When Is Payday & How Do I Get Paid?

Upon Request, You Can Order A Free Company MasterCard Debit Card Where You Only Pay For Shipping To Have It Arrive At Your Home. Once It Arrives, You Activate It In Your Back Office And When Commissions Are Earned, You Can Get Paid Every Friday And An Extra Bonus Check Once A Month On The 1st Of The Month. In Addition You Can Also Request To Have Your Commissions Paid To You In Bitcoin. It’s Completely Your Choice!

Are There Any Monthly Obligations?

No Monthly Obligations Or Hidden Fees. With Karatbars We Do Not Buy Or Sell Any Products. Our Business Is Based On An Exchange Of Money. From Devaluing Fiat Currency To Stable And Appreciating Asset Classes Such As 24kt Gold Bullion & Crypto Currency.

Karatbars Affiliates Job Description?

You work for yourself but not by yourself. You are an independent contractor but a member of our team and get paid by placing yourself in front of the movement of money. (600,000+ of us so far) There’s 7+ ways to earn. The product side of Karatbars is like partnering with Amazon. You get a commissions when someone uses your special link. (Often just one time) With Karatbars you keep your customers for life! In the dual system, (Business package required ) you can earn “walk away income” just for inviting two like minded individuals.

If I Get Someone To Join Karatbars What Commissions Do I Get?

It depends on how much they spend and what package you have. ( You can make up to 6% from gold sales without a package) With the new Karatbars pay plan .. all package holders make 10% from package sales. If you find a VIP you make 10% of $3500 (or whatever current VIP prices are going for)

Does Karatbars Deliver Real Physical Gold?

Yes. At Any Time You Can Ask For Delivery Of Your Physical Gold Bullion. Karatbars Uses Fedex As Their Delivery Courier. Delivery Is Up To 2-4 Weeks. You Can Also Exchange / Trade Your Digital Coins Into Physical Gold Bullion At Any Time On Karatbit, The Official Company Exchange

Are There Any Prerequisites To Be Able To Make Money And Get Started In The Program Once I Register As A Free Affiliate Member?

Yes, Only 1. The Company Will Require You Upload A Proof Of Id & A Proof Of Address. Very Easy And Takes Less Than a Few Minutes Of Your Time.

Besides Gold Bullion, What Other Products Does Karatbars Offer That Affiliates Profit From?

Yes! With Karatbars You Can Create A True, Fee Based Residual Income. Every Product And Service In Our Ecosystem , When Used, Creates Fees. A Percentage Of Those Fees Are Passed On To The Affiliates As Commissions. Examples Are: Fees Coming From: Karatbit Exchange , Gold Trading, Gold Mining, Karatcoin Bank, K1 Impulse Phone Use, K Merchant Crypto Payment System, Karatpay Gold Payment System And More To Come!

What is your mission?

Karatbars International GmbH and Gold Standard Bank will revolutionise the gold market with blockchain technology with a market capitalisation of USD 100 billion by the end of 2020. Banks and online merchants have long recognised the value of virtual currencies like Bitcoin and are verifying their transactions faster than ever before. Now the blockchain technology is to be introduced into the gold sector as well and help the industry to new splendour.

How do you revolutionise the gold market?

About 27 billion dollars of gold change hands every day. However, it often takes several days for the money transaction to be confirmed, which takes up a lot of time in daily gold trading. Within just a few hours, the price of gold can rise or fall to such an extent that both the buyer and the seller run a high risk every minute that passes. Thanks to blockchain technology, transactions will be more transparent, secure and faster. It is also intended to attract new investors to the gold market - which would be good for the industry right now! When it comes to transactions, blockchain technology can and will revolutionise the gold market.

What is KaratGold Coin?

KaratGold Coin (KBC) is the cryptocurrency powering the KaratGold global payment system. It is the main settlement unit for the operations in KaratPay, KaratCoin Bank, KaratBit, K-Merchant and other entities.

How to invest in KBC?

You can currently purchase KaratGold Coins (KBC) on these cryptocurrency exchanges: KaratBit, Bitforex, Coinbene, HitBTC, Coinsuper, DigiFinex, Bit-Z, Coineal, Coinbe, LBank, CoinAll, p2pb2b, Hubi.

Who is Harald Seiz?

Harald Seiz is the founder and CEO of KaratBars and other KaratGold products. He’s been consistently and successfully internationalising the business since 2011.

Why should I buy KaratGold Coins?

KaratGold is a world-class project with real assets, experienced team and proven track record. We deliver what we promise. Also, everyone who is familiar with the modern unstable financial system understands that investing in gold will pay in the future.

What is the Gold Imperium?

The Gold Imperium is the name of KaratGold’s financial ecosystem backed by cutting-edge technologies. It currently includes Karatbars GmbH, KaratGold Coin, KaratPay System, KaratCoin Bank and KaratBit Exchange.

Can you make money with Karatbars?

There's no cost to sign up as a Karatbars affiliate. In fact, you can make money without investing large amounts of your own capital. You're not required to buy gold to receive group commissions each week. ... You can start off small, and upgrade your package once you're making money if you have patience.

Is Karatbars legal?

Karatbars International GmbH is a completely legal and fully registered company based in Germany, a country which has some of the strictest business laws in the world. Karatbars is classified as an "E-commerce" company, a category also recognised and regulated by the World Trade Organisation.

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