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Blockchain and K Merchant

Unveil the Power of Blockchain with K-Merchant Payment System.

In 2019 Karatbars, a company that happens to use the blockchain algorithm based in Germany, presented its first-ever crypto payment system, named K-Merchant. The system serves as a platform allowing for blockchain-based e-commerce trading. With an ample amount of currencies and a sleek user interface, K- Merchant is your one-stop payment network, proving that digital currencies are here to stay.

K-Merchant is an application driven by crypto payments. The application was designed as an alternative to credit card payments, allowing for anonymous purchase payments and has the lowest transaction fees on the market.

The main advantage of K-Merchant provides you with a wide choice of valuable cryptocurrencies to pay with. While many users still doubt the sustainable development of cryptocurrencies, Karatbars has designed a network that instills confidence in its user-oriented infrastructure and reliable security tools.

K-Merchant provides an effective solution to the problem of privacy. In fact, it allows online vendors to accept Bitcoin or Ethereum in their online stores easily. Based on blockchain, the network operates with no middlemen, securing low-price and successful transactions. Once the transaction on K-Merchant is finished, the order is impossible to remove or modify. Due to this new-age technology, the quantity of e-commerce startups is about to increase, making it much cheaper for businesses to grow their own exchange platforms.

The technological infrastructure is unique, accurate and secure. The user initiates the transaction via K-Merchant, the system validates it, and the payment is done. The process is irrevocable and free. After that, the payments are credited to the service provider. The retailer or the online shop has to install the payment system and accept payments in various cryptocurrencies. K-Merchant can, of course, be integrated into the most popular online shopping frameworks such as Shopify, Magento, and Prestashop. Payment defaults are thus eliminated. “A process flow via blockchains is unique, unmistakable and irreversible. It is, so to speak, the egg of Columbus of the trading world – at least as far as payment transactions are concerned,” Harald Seiz continues.

The companies offering goods and services online are facing an everlasting problem: Is the client’s payment really binding? This applies in particular to virtual products that cannot be reclaimed in the event of cancellation. K-Merchant has effectively solved this particular problem. A completed payment via the system is “binding” as it is written on the blockchain. “A K-Merchant payment order can therefore not be deleted, diminished, changed in any other way or even be manipulated – and these are exactly the impressive advantages of blockchains and cryptocurrencies,“ claims Harald Seiz.

Transactions within the application are carried out instantly and with no delay via a quick scan. That said, the application guarantees secure and safe transactions with PCI-DSS compliance and 24/7 fraud monitoring.

K-Merchant is your ultimate payment application if you place great value on the security of your assets and the privacy of your personal data.

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Can K Merchant be integrated into our existing POS and Inventory system?

Yes, K Merchant has an open API back end for your preferred software support provider to access via

Is K Merchant compatible with other crypto currencies other than KBC, BTC and ETH?

Not at this time but look out for further additions in the near future

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